Broadband Internet services in Anantnag District

Broadband internet connectivity in Anantnag District is not good at all. Only 3G mobile broadband facility is available here. There are only 2 companies offering 1 types of internet services in 2 places in the district. Among these 2 places - 1 is municipality & 1 is notified area committee.

3G Internet in Anantnag District

2 places in Anantnag District have 3G internet coverage. 1 municipality and 1 notified area committee in the district have 3G internet connectivity. Total 2 companies are providing these services in the district. 3G services in Anantnag District are provided by Airtel and Reliance.

Places with 3G internet in Anantnag District

Service Provider Place Type Place
airtel logo
(Total 2 places)
Municipality Anantnag
Notified Area Committee Pahalgam
reliance logo
(Total 1 place)
Municipality Anantnag