Idea speed within 2 to 199 Mbps & price between 0 to 1200 Rupees broadband plans

  • Price
  • Actual Price/Month
  • Data Volume
  • Plan Validity
  • Bandwidth Speed
  • Limit
Plan Name Type Payment Price Duration Free Data
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 7 3G Prepaid Rs.7 1 day N/A
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 31 3G Prepaid Rs.31 3 days 100MB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 51 3G Prepaid Rs.51 7 days 100MB
Idea 3g Prepaid FRC 52 3G Prepaid Rs.52 30 days 200MB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 55 3G Postpaid Rs.55 1 month N/A
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 55 3G Prepaid Rs.55 30 days N/A
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 100 3G Postpaid Rs.100 1 month 300MB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 103 3G Prepaid Rs.103 30 days 300MB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 200 3G Postpaid Rs.200 1 month 600MB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 200 3G Prepaid Rs.200 30 days 600MB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 250 3G Postpaid Rs.250 1 month 1GB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 250 3G Prepaid Rs.250 30 days 1GB
Idea 3g Prepaid 259 bundle 3G Prepaid Rs.259 90 days 250MB
Idea 3g Prepaid 260 bundle 3G Prepaid Rs.260 90 days 250MB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 350 3G Postpaid Rs.350 1 month 1.5GB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 350 3G Prepaid Rs.350 30 days 1.5GB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 450 3G Postpaid Rs.450 1 month 2GB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 450 3G Prepaid Rs.450 30 days 2GB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 599 3G Postpaid Rs.599 1 month 3GB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 599 3G Prepaid Rs.599 60 days 2GB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 750 3G Postpaid Rs.750 1 month 5GB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 750 3G Prepaid Rs.750 30 days 4GB
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 850 3G Postpaid Rs.850 1 month 6GB
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 850 3G Prepaid Rs.850 60 days 3GB
Idea 3g Prepaid FRC 949 3G Prepaid Rs.949 30 days Unlimited
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 950 3G Prepaid Rs.950 30 days Unlimited
Idea 3G Postpaid Rs 950 3G Postpaid Rs.950 1 month Unlimited
Idea 3G Prepaid Rs 1250 3G Prepaid Rs.1250 90 days 4GB