22 best and useful CD-DVD Label Templates in MS Word

Create CD or DVD labels in seconds. Download this set of CD/DVD templates and make your own CD/DVD labels in Microsoft Word. This set contains all types of labels you may need. Just add your title and description or image if you want before you take a print out. Look at the previews below…

  1. Aspect CD-DVD Label
  2. Beamer CD-DVD Label
  3. Black White CD-DVD Label
  4. Black White Quad CD-DVD Label
  5. Blank CD Insert
  6. Blank CD-DVD Label
  7. Blank DVD Insert
  8. Blue Fade CD-DVD Label
  9. Circuit Board CD-DVD Label
  10. Four Color Photos CD-DVD Label 1
  11. Hourglass Photos 1
  12. Lavender Photo CD-DVD Label
  13. Lemon Lime CD-DVD Label
  14. Ocean Blue DVD Insert
  15. Pastel Diamonds CD-DVD Label
  16. Pink Clef CD-DVD Label
  17. Racing Flame CD-DVD Label
  18. Slate Line CD-DVD Label
  19. Spacey CD-DVD Label
  20. Turquoise Photo CD-DVD Label
  21. Venetian CD Insert
  22. Yellowjacket CD-DVD Label

Download template set

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