updateOX.com is a self-hosted daily life technology blog powered by WordPress. Writing this blog is the best learning platform for me. This blog is focused to India and gadgets. Here I write about things I love and things I love to do. I always give my best effort in writing each and every article here. This is not just because of performing well in SEO; I do this because providing good and unique content to the user is my commitment. While writing articles here I think only about better user experience.

Rabin Biswas blogging at updateOX.com

That is me

That was about the blog, what about me?

I live in the steel city Durgapur, West Bengal. I started blogging in 2008 with a BlogSpot blog. After a few days of blogging I realized the unbeatable opportunity to reach people and make a mark using this platform. So in the last quarter of 2010 I permanently moved into the WWW world. I took blogging as my career and trust me I donít regret it. My dream is to become a successful (both financially and socially) blogger and Iíll give my best efforts to achieve it.

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